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You would probably associate the name Fiskars with the orange scissors that you might have in your kitchen drawer. The scissors and many other elegant, high quality and useful items have been created in Fiskars Village which is the birth place of Fiskars corporation, which is the oldest company in Finland. Fiskars Village is part of the town of Raseborg, located a little more than one hour from Helsinki.

In Fiskars Village you can enjoy arts, design and handicraft in a historic and picturesque environment. You may visit the village all year around and you will find all opening hours on our website. Accommodation is provided by two first class hotels in the village and the restaurants and cafés make sure that your tummy is content.

The many events in Fiskars Village attract visitors from near and far. One of the biggest events, the Antique Days, takes place in July and numbers of visitors is close to 10.000. Almost equally popular is the Slowfood market, taking place end September – beginning October. Other smaller, seasonal food markets, the artists’ summer exhibition and the Faces Festival are events well worth a visit. There are many events related to arts and music throughout the year. The Chistmas in the Fiskars Village is a very special experience. Take your time to explore the many shops, where you will find unique presents for your loved ones.

The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars – Onoma has their own store, the Onoma Shop in the centre of Fiskars Village. There are all together around 30 different shops and workshops in the village.

Hotel Tegel offers high class conference facilities. Combine your meeting with a range of leisure activities available in Fiskars Village.

If you are interested in bygone times, please visit the Fiskars Museum. Stories about life in the village are fascinating for both young and old.

A popular attraction for the youngest is the playground with its pirate ship and the somewhat older children enjoy the skate park in the upper village.

Fiskars ironworks were founded in Fiskars Village in 1649. Today around 600 persons live in the village and ca 100 persons have their own enterprise there. The historic and picturesque environment, the many arts-, design- and handicraft shops, the high class hotels, restaurants and cafés make Fiskars Village the most important tourist attraction in the region of Western Uusimaa, with more than 150.000 visitors per year. In 2015, Fiskars Village was awarded the “Tourism Destination of the Year” by The Finnish Guild of Travel Journalists.

Watch the Fiskars Village time elapse video and read the blogs about Fiskars Village: 

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