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Today consumers’ demand for clean, organic and locally produced food is increasing all over the world. And what could be cleaner, more organic and more locally produced than wild game meat? The animal has been living free, in its own natural environment until, suddenly, without warning it is killed by the hunter’s bullet. The animal will never have to experience the stressful transports to a slaughter house from the crowded dwellings, which are many farm animals’ destiny.

Viltgården wants to deliver the kind of food which now is becoming so popular among private households as well as among top class restaurants.

Viltgården offers meat from elk, deer, game birds, and mufflons. Sometimes we manage to get hold of wild boar meat, which is a rare delicacy in Finland.

One of the most important summer traditions in Finland is the crayfish party. Viltgården is among the best suppliers of freshly caught crayfish. You can order them ready cooked or buy them to cook yourself.

Viltgården is located in Marieberg in Ingå municipality.

Contact: Tomas Landers and Viktor Leivo
Address: Mariebergsvägen 89, 10210 Ingå
Phone: +358 45 616 5562 (Viktor), +358 50 350 0760 (Tomas)

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Languages we master: Swedish, Finnish, English