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The Sólfari Stable offers unique riding tours in the beautiful landscape of Western Uusimaa. The stable is located in Raseborg and its owner, Jaana Huttunen has a vast experience with Icelandic horses.

We arrange trekking tours in the nature also visiting heritage sites in the surroundings. You can choose between a short ride, ca two hours or longer rides, even up to five days.

The Sólfari Stable works in close co-operation with many tourist service providers in the region. We ride to the Raseborg castle ruins, where the Lady of the Castle, Katarina, guides us through life in the middle ages. Lunch is served at the Castle Guard’s Lodge next to the castle ruins. The former ironworks Fagervik is located within a short distance from the stable. Rejböle Farm is also not far away and here you can get acquainted with Highland cattle. Two days tours means staying overnight. We can choose to sleep at the Bovik Sheep Farm, in Malmbacka, a replica of a charcoal workers’ village or at Hannelbacka, where the alpacas will welcome us.

In the summer months you can stay overnight in cottages adjacent to the stable, where we also arrange summer riding camps. But of course we ride year around. What could be a better experience than conquering the snowy landscape on horseback!



Contact: Jaana Huttunen
Address: Vallarsvedjavägen 510, 10300 Karis, Raseborg
Phone: +358 40 511 3167
e-mail: jaanahuttunen67@hotmail.com

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Languages we master: Finnish, Swedish, English