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Welcome to explore the beautiful archipelago in Raseborg. Join Jöns in his favourite surroundings at sea. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience already, Jöns will arrange a suitable tour for you, all year around. Yes – all year around! The sea does not alway freeze outside Raseborg, and where ever there is open water, Jöns will paddle.

If you are a beginner, Jöns will teach you how to kayak. If you have been kayaking before, then you can join one of the ready made tours or ask Jöns for a tailor made tour to suit your group.

Duing the summer months there are some prescheduled tours to choose from:

A tour to the islan of Örö including an overnight stay.
Raseborg Castle Ruins – Ekenäs
Ekenäs National Park
Jöns has more than ten years of experience doing kayak tours. He also constructs kayaks himself out of thin wood.

But what is Jöns doing when the sea is covered with ice? Weather permitting, he takes you ice skating!

Watch Jöns’ inspiring videos and read the blogs on the home page of Paddlingsfabriken.


Contact: Jöns Aschan
Address: Passvägen 236, 10600 Ekenäs, Raseborg and Fågelsången 8, 10650 Ekenäs, Raseborg
Phone: +358 400 411 992

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Languages we master: Swedish, Finnish, English