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Guide-Matti – Nature-Matti – Archipelago-Matti

Guide-Matti alias Matti Piirainen is one of the most experienced guides in Western Uusimaa. With more than 25 years of experience, Matti takes you to the woods, into the archipelago or introduces you to the history of the small towns and villages.

Matti’s background as teacher and headmaster as well as his previous job as a tour guide in Finland and Europe gives him a good knowledge in both facts and fictions.

Guide-Matti’s main products are guided walking tours in the town of Ekenäs and in Fiskars Village and tours in the woods and into the archipelago.

Guide-Matti takes you on a guided walking tour in Ekenäs or in Fiskars Village, presenting the history as well as the present time in these small communities. Along the small alleys in Ekenäs Matti tells you how life was like in the 18th and 19th centuries and what life is like today, when Ekenäs, since 2009 is part of the city of Raseborg.

Also Fiskars Village is part of Raseborg and is the most important tourist attraction in Western Uusimaa with more than 150.000 visitors each year. During the guided walking tour, Matti tells us about the ironwork’s history and about the more than hundred artists, designer and handicraft people living and working in the ironworks village today. In Fiskars there is also the possibility to explore the nature: Matti will be happy to guide you along the Tree Species Path or the nature trail.

Larger groups can be guided on a bus tour which allows a more extensive view of the village.

The Västerby nature area is located only about five kilometres from Ekenäs and invites you to experience something you could never dream of. The untouched forest, the silent path, blueberries, lingonberries, mushrooms and breath taking views over the small lakes will stay in your memories forever. Nature-Matti’s good knowledge in the Finnish flora and fauna makes the 4-7 kilometre long tour even more exciting. By the wind shelters on the lake shores we can enjoy our picnic lunch or – if you wish – you can arrive at a set meal, ready and prepared for you in the woods.

Archipelago-Matti owns a boat accommodating up to six people. Matti takes parties of maximum five persons for tours into the beautiful archipelago. Fishing tours are available for two persons at a time. Matti knows where you get the best catch and among the destinations for tours we can mention the islands of Jussarö or Rödjan within the Ekenäs National Park.

Contact: Matti Piirainen
Address: Rävlyan 7, 10620 Ekenäs, Raseborg
Phone: +358 40 581 4799

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Languages we master: English, Finnish, Swedish