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If there is someone, who knows the region of Western Uusimaa, that’s Friman Travel. Since 1939 the buses have gone east and west, north and south throughout the region.

Friman Travel, also called Hangon Liikenne, operates regular routes as well as charter tours. We fulfil the needs of our customers and drive close and far, also abroad on exciting tours with our customers.

We also produce package tours from Finland to foreign countries.

We have eight buses, the smallest of which take 19 passengers and the biggest accommodating up to 50 passengers. Our drivers are multilingual and very experienced. Our home base is Hanko, but we also have an office in Ekenäs, Raseborg.

Friman Travel is a registered tour operator, KUVI 3050/00/MjMv.

Contact: Marcus Friman
Address: Santalantie 23, 10960 Hanko
Phone: +358 19 2481004
Fax: +358 19 2487058

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Languages we master: Swedish, Finnish, English