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In most cases, camping sites are located in the countryside, far away from urban centres, service and attractions. When staying at Ekenäs Camping by the Ormnäs beach in Raseborg you have all this within walking distance. Around the corner you have the nature area Hagen – Ramsholmen and in front of the camping site you can sit on the beach, enjoying the lovely view of the archipelago.

Ekenäs Camping offers camping in tents or caravans all year around. We also have holiday cottages for rent. The cottages can accommodate two, four or six persons. By the beach we have a newly built sauna for six persons, which can be rented by the hour.

We are part of the camping network Camping Key Europe.

The centre of Ekenäs with shops, cafés and restaurants is only 2 kms from the camping site. The walk takes you through the Old Town which is an attraction with colourful wooden houses from the 18th and 19th century. The restaurant BossaNova is located just next to the camping site and offers a large terrace with sea view.

Ekenäs Camping also administers the Ekenäs Summer hotel, which is located in the campus of Novia School for Applied Science.

Ekenäs Guest Harbour and its restaurant Baywatch also belong to the Ekenäs Camping “family”.

Contact: Niklas Björkqvist
Address: Skutvägen (Ormnäsvägen) 1, 10600 Ekenäs, Raseborg
Phone: +358 19 241 4434
e-mail: info@ek-camping.com

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Languages we master: Swedish, Finnish, English