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At Bovik Farm you will meet the farmers, Mrs Ülle and Mr Sebastian Nurmi, their dogs, sheep and cattle. Bovik Farm is an organic farm, located in Snappertuna, Raseborg.

Bovik sheep belong to the Finnish landrace sheep, the Finnsheep and its meat is highly appreciated amongst restaurants as well as consumers. Bovik also sells a variety of products made of wool and sheepskin. The heard consists of 250 ewes, more than ten rams and at ca 500 lambs are born each year.

The cattle belongs to a very rare species, the Eastern Finncattle also called the Kyyttö cattle, which is the oldest breed of cattle reared by the Finno-Ugric people. This race is well suited for the harsh Finnish climate and the meat is especially tender and delicious.

You can visit Bovik by previous appointment individually or with a group. Many Technical Visits have taken place at Bovik, where groups come in order to improve their professionality in cattle or sheep breeding or landscape management.

You will find the Bovik people selling their product at markets and events in the Western Uusimaa region. You can also prebook a visit to the farm and buy products directly from the farm.

Contact: Ülle & Sebastian Nurmi
Address: Boviksvägen 25, 10600 Ekenäs, Raseborg
Phone: Ülle +358 500 207 778, Sebastian +358 50 581 0721

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Languages we master: Finnish, English, Swedish, Estonian, Russian, German