Siuntio – vast fields and big mansions

Siuntio is located in the middle of the area which the Soviet Union leased between the years 1944 and 1956 after the end of the Second World War for military use, the so called Porkkala Parenthesis. There is a dramatic past hidden amongst many of the farms and houses in Siuntio.

Sjundby Manor, which has accommodated kings and noble men from east and west, served as headquarter for a Soviet armor regiment during the Porkkala Parenthesis period. The Russian “graffiti”, left on the walls, still remains untouched today.

In Siuntio there was a man living in very poor conditions: Finland’s national writer, Mr. Aleksis Kivi lived in a croft called Fanjunkars during the period 1864-1871. The croft was totally demolished by the Soviet army. Fanjunkars has now been rebuilt and serves as a museum.

The (mainly classical) music festival Lux Musicae takes place in November every year. The concerts are held in the beautiful medieval stone church, in Sjundby Manor and in Suitia Manor, which has been closed for a number of years, but now reopened to host various functions and events.