Ingå – small and friendly

Ingå is a small municipality in Western Uusimaa which is situated on both sides of highway 51. The rolling fields and friendly villages one can see from a distance make the visitor ponder what may be found along the small roads parting from the busy highway.

In Ingå nothing is big. Everything is small, friendly and inviting. The entrepreneurs have created their companies from the start and serve you wholeheartedly, giving the small and big extra, which you had never expected.

In the centre of Ingå village there is a medieval grey stone church. The village gets especially lively on the Ingå Day in the summer and the potato market in the autumn. They say that the first potato in Finland was grown on Fagervik Manor premises. Fagervik was one of the many ironworks in the region of Western Uusimaa. Ingå has seen this as a good reason to arrange the popular potato market.

The Gammelgården open air museum is the place for the yearly Christmas market.

Further to the east you’ll find Degerby, the small village with the dramatic past. And a pig feast every summer, do join them on this cheerful event.

Kopparnäs recreational area is free for everybody to roam, to see the archipelago and enjoy a picnic at the many places assigned especially for this purpose.

If you want to take a boat tour into the archipelago, there are taxi boats available.

Ingå Tourist Information

Muncipality Hall

Strandvägen 2,  10210 Ingå

+358 9 295 151