Hanko – the southernmost town with 30 kilometres of shoreline

Hanko is the southernmost town in Finland, with a sunny climate and a more than 30 kilometres of seashore. Hanko is a bilingual town, with a small majority of the population being Finnish speaking.

Hanko has got a lively harbour, but the tourism industry is also an essential part, especially during the short summer season.

Hanko offers experiences around the year, enjoy the small-town idyll, the cultural events and the dramatic nature.

What would be more dramatic than walking along the seashore a stormy autumn afternoon. What could be more relaxing than a yoga session on an empty beach at sunset.

Most restaurants are located by the sea shore close and some of them are open all year around. You will find accommodation in the hotels in the town centre and all of them have an interesting story to tell.

The history of Hanko is present also elsewhere than in the hotel buildings: The romantic lace villas by the sea shore, the Spa park, the cliffs, where the emigrants used to dance while waiting for the ships to take them to the golden future in the new land.

The nature on the south point of Finland is especially spectacular if you are a bird watcher. In the spring and in the autumn you can follow the birds moving to and from our country.

Hanko Tourist Office

Raatihuoneentori 5, 10900 Hanko

+358 19 2203411